How to back up HIV research


According to WHO over 35 million people live with HIV today. Research facilities around the world are working to find a cure but it's a long and costly process. Wouldn't it be great if you could help? Now you can!

By installing Boinc your computer may become part of grid computing network that gives processing power to various scientific studies - HIV including. It will get a small portion of data, recalculate, send it back and get a new one.

You may think now that it will slow down your computer. Not really, as it will only work in the background, using processing power available at the moment. Your programs and games will always have a priority so they won't be affected. You may also turn it off or pause any time.

Joining program

Go to World Community Grid website and click 'join'. You will be asked to choose username, password and to enter your email address. On the next screen tick 'FightAIDS@Home - Phase 2' and any other that you wish to participate in. Click next and a window with program to download (named Boinc) will pop-up. Click 'Yes'.

Quick tip

Boinc is also available on Android devices at Google Play and Amazon

Setting up

Go to your downloads folder, look for the file below and double click it to install.

Name of the file

When asked for this program to make changes in your computer click 'Yes'. Instalation is pretty straightforward - accept licence

Where to check to agree to the licence

... and click 'next' few times. After instalation Boinc will start automatically.

Quick tip

You may wish Boinc to stop processing for certain time of day e.g. at night or when specific application (like Steam) is used.
To do so choose 'View' from upper menu and switch to 'advanced'. Boinc window will change. From upper menu choose 'Tools' and 'Computing preferences'. In new window take a look at 'processor usage' and 'exclusive applications' tabs.

Gridcoin client

As a bonus for helping others you may also have something back. You 've probably heard about Bitcoin - a virtual currency.
To earn rewards computers around the world are trying to decode blocks of data. That's right! All that computing power is pretty much wasted and difficulty got so high that one person chances to get reward are close to zero. So why people still do it? Bitcoin was simply first so it's most popular but it's not the only virtual currency around.

One of alternatives is Gridcoin and you may get some on regular basis for taking part in Boinc projects - which you already do!

You may start with just 3 steps:

Join Gridcoin group here.
Install Gridcoin wallet from here
... and wait a bit for first few completed sets of data being send back.

Quick tips

Wallet has to be used with administrative priviledges as it will auto update often. If you're not sure how to do that check here.
First time you run wallet you may need to let it pass the firewall. It will also need to synchronise which may take a few hours.
If you need any additional help you may check the Gridcoin Wiki page.